The Patriots, God & Country Tour

  • 5000 Miles
  • 28 Cities
  • 36 Days
  • 5 – 10 Custom Fire Trucks
  • 1000+ Motorcycles
  • 2 Million Patriots


Dave Graybill is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community organizer who has made a name for himself by fighting for justice and championing change. A serial good guy, Graybill has dedicated his life to helping others. He is a global thinker, motivated speaker, social influencer, and philanthropist. Notable accomplishments include a 7-month journey golfing the streets of America for children’s charities from California to New York called Golf Across America, his founding of one of the largest, all volunteer non-profits in the United States, Pink Heals, his 2-month cross country initiative in 2020 to support this great country, the Patriots, God, & Country Tour, and his upcoming GOTCHA Project in 2023 for the fight to end human trafficking. His book The Mending of America only scratches the surface of this highly motivated, inspirational, and driven man whose life has been dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to make a difference during their lifetime. 


The Patriots, God & Country Tour

Welcome to our website and thank you for giving me a chance to share the details of our Patriotic Tour with you. This tour will be lead by 7 fire trucks and support vehicles, symbols of some of our nations bravest men and women. Each vehicle is wrapped in a theme that reminds us of the gifts and freedoms God has bestowed upon our nation. Each vehicle will be driven by a retired firefighter, veteran or police officer who is volunteering their time. The themes include our flag as a symbol of our unity and blessings, our nations powerful military, our courageous and dependable law-enforcement, the past heroes of our nation, the right to protect ourselves via the second amendment, and a truck that honors God. The tour begins September 29 and comes to an end on election day November 3rd. We currently have rallies planned in 28 cities and stop or pass through 22 states.


Show your support for the Patriots, God and Country Tour with an official tour t-shirt. 

Our mission to restore love, hope and patriotism in America is run entirely by volunteers. Money raised through the sale of t-shirts helps provide fuel and maintenance for our tour trucks. Thank you for your support!!

Custom Wrapped Firetrucks

Don’t miss out on seeing our custom wrapped trucks. They are absolutely amazing. Show the world your pride in God, Country, Armed Forces, Police & Fire. It’s time to get out and show that there is still a lot of pride in who we are and what we stand for.



For our brothers and sisters in law enforcement, here is the fire truck that will represent how important you are to the American people.

God Bless Your selfless service.





Bring Your Biker Clubs

We already have commitments from dozens of different biker clubs to join in on the tour. Many clubs have even volunteered their services for security for the entire trip. So get your hog and come on out and support your freedoms!


The Tour




Welcome to the Patriots, God & Country Tour

This Tour is a call to action for American Patriots. The nation’s climate, fueled by the media, is negative and divisive. We must speak up and change the rhetoric. Our trucks carry hope and healing to the people. They leave in their wake a sense of purpose, love of country, and the passion to get out and vote.

Why Now?

As most would agree, our nation and its citizens have faced major challenges in recent years. Our enemies have attacked our freedoms, our sensibilities, our businesses, and the bonds of our society. Through these challenges we have experienced separation, isolation, and even discord among friends and family. Either in person or through media we have witnessed attacks on our cities, neighborhoods, monuments, businesses, our law-enforcement officers and even our citizens. Most of us have experienced some degree of frustration, vulnerability, anger, fear and even despair. The Patriot Tour and the rallies along the way are a response to the attacks and discord within our nation. For 36 days we will have an opportunity to change the rhetoric to one that unifies us as “One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” We will travel from city to city and celebrate those who express gratitude for the blessings we have as Americans.
I hope you will join me in this endeavor, this prayer for peace. Your financial support of our tour, to the extent that you are able, is appreciated.  God bless America.


We are so thankful for our drivers. They are taking weeks out of their lives to take these amazing trucks all across the nation. They all come from different places and backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is a deep love for our country. Come out and meet them in your city!

Gene Stafford - Hurricane, UT


  • Worked in Law Enforcement 5 years as a Federal Officer
  • Worked and Retired from the Fire Service as a Firefighter, Medic and Engineer
  • Former Instructor for the Arizona State Fire Marshall’s Office
  • Former Instructor and Alumni of the National Fire Academy Emmitsburg Maryland

Schooling: University of Southern California, BA Medical Science

Fun Fact: Served as an aid for Bill Wagner III, Arizona House of Representatives.

Barb Shrum - Bella Vista, AR

Family: JD, husband, life-long law enforcement officer/trainer; Colin, son age 27, law enforcement career with US Border Patrol; Conor, son age 25 works at Crystal Bridges museum


  • Retired after 35 years with the Village/City of Bella Vista, Arkansas
  • 33 years with the Bella Vista Sheriff’s office/Police department.
  • Volunteered with the Bella Vista Ambulance Service as an EMT/paramedic

Fun Fact: My last assignment was as Detective Lieutenant in the criminal investigation division, working sex and child crimes, and over-seeing the sex offender registry.

Josh Baker - Florida

Family: Married, one child and a sibling on the way

Career: Fire fighter with Seminole County Fire Department

My Thoughts:

As a Firefighter and proud American I am honored to be a part of this movement and at a time when this country needs it the most.  Its time as Americans we realize it is ONE nation under God, there are way too many outside forces trying to rip us apart and divide us into race, religion, political affiliations, etc. We are ALL AMERICANS. I have been a part of the Pink Heals movement and watched how the tour brought friends families and more importantly communities TOGETHER to celebrate and support those in need. We are under attack and the time is now to bring us together as the nation we are.

Jeff Hawkins - Texas

Family: Married 28 years to Sue Hawkins; Daughter Hanna, 21 years old

Career: Firefighter/Paramedic for 20 years for Watauga Fire Department

Fun Fact: One tour as a volunteer with Pink Heals

Jay Meyer - Putney, VT


  • First job, police officer
  • Automobile technician, Toyota
  • High School Automotive Instructor
  • Driver/Pump Operator, Fire Department

Fun Facts: I was born In Windsor, Vermont in July 1962, the 14th state to join the union and the first state to abolish slavery. I was brought up in a loving adopted home and I was taught right from wrong, to believe in and pray to one God and to love my neighbors and my country.

Tammy Denfeld - Longview, TX

Family: Married to Steve, 3 children, 1 grandchild

Career: Tammy is Chapter President for Pink Heals of Gregg County; Steve is a fire fighter with Longview Fire Department

Fun Fact: Tammy is a talented event planner and raises teacup yorkies

Jeff & Brittany Mitchell - Gilbert, AZ

Family: Married

Careers: Brittany is a Detective with the Mesa Police Department and Jeff is a retired Mesa Firefighter

Fun Facts: We are just a couple of America-loving patriots that love cycling, our farm where we grow everything imaginable and our animals. We believe in our great country, our President, and we support law enforcement.

We are so excited to be a part of the Patriot Tour!

Seth Kallick - Bella Vista, AR

Family: Married with 5 amazing children that I am very proud of

Career: Fire Captain and Investigator

Fun Facts:

“My ancestors came to this country in the early 1900’s to build a better life for their future generations. They came through Ellis Island and migrated to the Chicago area. I was raised by a family that was proud of this country and what it stands for. I have raised my children to be proud Americans and to respect what others before them have done to make this county what it is today. 

I am proud to be part of The Patriot Tour and encourage everyone to follow us as we spread the message of this countries greatness this fall. Join us and let all who see know how proud we all are of our great country.”